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7th-Dec-2009 01:46 pm - Saki in a magazine
It seems that Saki has his own column in the magazine
Strawberry Bomb!

It's a free magazine, which can be picked up at various live houses, or the front counter? at shops. (He put the "?" himself, so I'll do it too xD)

....Now I'm going harass a friend to get me this. Lol. :D

It seems that this magazine will be sponsoring a live for 7 bands too.
More info on visunavi
9th-Oct-2009 05:13 pm - -tarrot-/IRODORI icons
Rui/Kanoe - 17 still icons
[13] as Rui
[4] as Kanoe


Here @ x_lovegun_x
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
Most lyrics (Mahou no Tobira and Tsukigi Yakou are to come soon) have been translated and romanized, for anyone who wants them~

Here @ dearxdeparted

Check the tags for their blogs D;
I'm falling behind again...
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins

Ahhh.... wanna finish translating these songs before the single comes out xDD;
28th-Jul-2009 12:00 am - Another single
Title: Mary-A
Release date: Sometime in September
Price: 1500 yen

1. Mary-A
2.魔法の扉 (Mahou no Tobira / Door of Magic)
3.月祈夜光 (Tsukigi Yakou / Moon Prayer Nocturnal Luminescence)

...if anyone has a better translation of the 3rd song, do correct me please (;w;)

Also, the PC site is now open!
21st-Jul-2009 12:19 pm - New look and new members
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
Thankfully they didn't make us wait til the day of the live!

New guitarist is Chitose
New bassist is Rui

New look...

Saki loves that hat too much
Well... blue and white Toki. But still. XD
And I'm going to guess Chitose is the one in black and red~


Truthfully I think Saki's costume looks like something Mahiro of ex-Pure Q&A would wear... xD;;
Toki, iToki☆
Ok so browsing CDJapan today and looking at -tarrot-'s section,

Unsure of the translation for the first bit since there is lack of kanji, so hopefully Saki says something on his blog soon D;

Ummm not even the OHP has this updated, aha
But orz
Should've guessed the second they said that they finished recording in the studio


Limited to 1000 copies per store, so gogogo, pre-order quickly!
Toki, iToki☆
( 偽善者 )

( Hypocrite )

( Gizensha )

As for the label, they're not moving anywhere xD;
It seems that they just changed where their mail will be arriving to a different building~
But isn't Shibuya quite a bit away from Suginami?

And it seems a new single will be announced in a few months or ... early next year?
Since Toki has been composing like mad XD;
Hopefully in a few months. How long has it been since we've heard from these guys again? XD
9th-Jun-2009 02:26 pm - Has anyone else seen this?
Toki, iToki☆
Looks like they've also found a new guitarist, but I wonder who?

Oh, yeah!
-tarrot- is having a "comeback" live on July 28th so... is anyone in Japan atm?
Please do a live report if you're going! XD

And it seems Saki has been spending more time web designing rather than blogging xD
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